5 Travel Trends worth Noting in 2018:


Sustainable Tourism – If your establishment practices green, eco or sustainable tourism, you’ll want to highlight this clearly to take advantage of this trend. From your website, and any accolades related to your sustainability practices, to reminders on your social media, ensure prospective guests can easily find the information they require when searching for more eco-friendly establishments.


Extreme Vacations – Out of the ordinary holidays incorporating high levels of adventure or adrenalin activities are set to be on trend for 2018. If you’re within a reasonable drive of some big attractions be sure to highlight them – example – shark cage diving, bungee jumping etc.


Multi Generational Vacations – Family travel expands from mom, dad and kids to include grandparents and extended family. If your cottage sleeps 6 or 8 or higher numbers, it may be worth pointing out its appeal for multi-generational travel.


Wellness Vacations – Do you have a spa on the premises, or within reasonable drive from one? Be sure to include Spas on your list of activities for guests looking to make the most of a wellness vacation. Yoga, mindful food and meditation opportunities could also form part of a wellness offering.


Tours & Excursions – With online booking giants like Expedia and TripAdvisor looking at ways to incorporate bookings for tours & excursions, you know this must be a trend on the rise. If you offer booking opportunities for guests, or work with a local tour operator, ensure this information is top of mind and easy to find on your online profiles – allowing guests a one-stop solution for their booking needs from accommodation to activities.