When a crisis creates an opportunity for change.

Yes- we are all inundated with information about the Cape Town water crisis, however, we feel that as hospitality service providers, we need to do our utmost to not only get us through #Dayzero but also to create a long-term sustainable plan.

Water is a resource which needs to be respected way beyond the drought, and we need to change our mindsets and daily habits now. Let us all learn from this and come through this better informed and make water-wise decisions.


Because of our hot climate, current water crisis and the tendency of tourists to consume more water on holiday than at home, the amount of drinkable water used daily can run up to hundreds of litres per person.

Tips for accommodation establishments to help Tourists, to save like the locals:
1. As a property catering to local and foreign guests, be sure to have water-saving measures in place. Do not be afraid to point these out to your guests- education and awareness can make the difference.
2. Be sure to explain the water situation to guests at the time of booking. There is nothing worse than a disgruntled guest who had visions of luxury bubble baths as depicted in your brochure, only to arrive and find that only 2-minute showers are permitted.
3. Stress the importance of Re-using towels instead of asking for new ones daily.
4. Guests should be asked to try flushing the toilets as little as possible. Explain that each flush uses between 6 and 14 litres. Small signs or notes in the bathroom can assist with this.
5. Ensure that cups are provided in the bathrooms and inform guests that this should be used to rinse when brushing teeth rather than letting the taps run.
6. Showers should be limited to 2 minutes, add a timer to the showers and remove bath plugs to prevent luxurious baths.
7. Fix leaking taps and toilets as soon as they are noticed.
8. Advise guests that a laundry service will only be provided for full loads of laundry.
9. Guests should be encouraged to take a dip in the ocean instead of swimming pools. Make this a fun option- throw in some beach toys.
10. When thirsty guests should rather opt for bottled water or soft drinks ( or a local wine 😉 )

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