Clipboard ready? Give your Reservation Process an Audit!


Is your reservations department working as efficiently and effectively as possible? 

Your bottom line can be directly affected by the skill level of your reservationist and the efficiency of your internal systems within your reservation department or front desk.

For Boutique Properties where many times job roles are combined, frequent Reservation Management Audits can help to not only streamline processes, but asses potential bottlenecks or weak points where unachieved bookings could otherwise have been successfully converted.


Download our 10 Questions to help you ascertain the health of your Reservation Management –

  • Does my reservation’s department have training in the negotiation skills needed in order to close a potential booking.
  • Does my reservationist know as much as possible about my offerings and the facilities of my establishment.
  • Are they able to upsell services and achieve the best available rate for my property.
  • Are booking terms, policies, conditions clearly understood and conveyed by the team.
  • What are the challenges my team faces when capturing a booking
  • Are there more up-to-date/more efficient systems available for me to use to alleviate stumbling blocks or streamline the process
  • Am I making the best use of the man-hours available to me with the front desk team
  • Does the person answering the reservations line have good communication skills, a strong voice and friendly attitude
  • Is the reservation process and follow through efficiently set up to ensure swift processing of bookings.
  • Who provided job training to the reservationist- and have old habits been passed down by previous employees who undertook the training?

Having your processes and team evaluated by an external strategic audit can provide you with valuable insights and recommendations on how to make necessary adjustments in order to grow your revenue and close more bookings. Chat to us about booking Reservation Management Audits and skills training for your team.

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