SELLING MORE THAN JUST A BED – 10 Tips to Showcase Your Services & Boost Revenue



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SELLING MORE THAN JUST A BED – 10 Tips to Showcase Your Services & Boost Revenue

Upselling and promotion of facilities and services is an effective & legitimate way of increasing your revenue. You have a captive audience who will be on site, now is the time to really wow them with your picnic options, spa service, or guided activities, to not only increase your revenue but to add to that all important Guest Experience.

So, where do you start? Let’s look at Ten Opportunities to Upsell your services – are you making use of all ten?

Traditionally you would showcase your added extras on:

(1) Your Website

(2) Printed Marketing Material – brochures, posters, etc.

(3) With the rise of Booking sites and OTA’s, it’s vital that you include your services on these too so that guests can either book it with their room, or know to request the activity/spa treatment, etc. on arrival.

(4) Often a missed opportunity lies at reservation level. Does your booking confirmation form list your optional extras, and how guests can book? Do you have an automated Guest Journey which encourages guests to list their preferences/preferred experiences/interests?

(5) Is your reservation team asking about special occasions/birthdays/anniversaries? Do you have add-ons to offer guests for these occasions? Couple’s spa treatment? Bottle of bubbly and a packed fireside picnic?

(6) Do you have electronic marketing material that your team can quickly and easily share with prospective and booked guests? (Consider a PDF with your activities, or even a link to your webpage where these are clearly explained, and accompanied by great images).

(7) Front Desk Staff can also effectively add revenue by encouraging guests to pre-book activities, dinners and other lodge services. Also remember that at check out your front desk staff have a prime opportunity to create a return guest through the introduction to your loyalty program, mailing list or pre-booking preferred dates.

(8) Restaurant or Bar: Do your food and beverage staff know the menu well enough to encourage wine sales; are they trained to encourage pre-dinner drinks for guests who may be dining out?

Make sure each member of your team has an in-depth knowledge of the hotel services and activities you are trying to up-sell. Make the time to educate them; the best promotions come from experience.

(9) Is your Social Media presence showcasing your activities + extras with beautiful photography and catchy copy?

(10) Are you sharing reviews where other guests have raved about the added extras and something specials about your establishment?

Remember, a guest who books into a guest house or lodge who may not be aware of, or does not get to experience all you have to offer, will have a very different review to one which was able to partake in activities, dine in-house or arrange for special value add-ons. While revenue is measurable, an amazing guest experience is priceless.

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