Social Media’s affect on travel decisions – are you taking it seriously?

 We have heard it preached from every pulpit at every travel convention, travel decisions are being made on social platforms every minute of every day… so what exactly does this mean for establishments?

Do we need to relook at the marketing and resource allocation to these platforms? Are we taking them seriously enough?

Potential guests are using social platforms at each stage of travel, from research though to booking and then to showcase their experiences post travel.

Mobile accounts for 37% of travelers shopping for flights and 43% for accommodations.” – PhocusWire

If we are spending budget and skilled resources to manage our OTA’s and distribution channels, do we give the same value to the social media channels which push direct bookings to our website?

This can be achieved in many ways, whether you choose to outsource your digital marketing to an agency or up-skill an existing team member, it is important that this key marketing roll is run by someone who not only understands the platform functionalities, but has a thorough grasp on your establishments marketing objectives and offerings.

Have you spent time analysing your platforms to ensure that they accurately reflect your establishment, speak to the right audiences and showcase your property in the best light to the ever growing online travel community?

Do not write of these platforms as “we have to be there as everyone else is”, if you are going to be there… then put on your best shirt and make sure you are part of the conversations.

As brands work to make themselves visible to travelers, they are now spending 61% of their marketing budgets on online channels. That number is even higher for online travel brands such as OTAs, which allocate 73% of their spend to digital. (Source: Phocuswire

Instagram is slowly rolling out its new ‘Call to Action” button which will soon allow your followers to convert to guests straight from your page. (

It’s a new year and we need to look ahead in order to stay ahead! 



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