Are you on Trend: Food Tourism

Identified as one of 2017’s travel trends, food tourism taps into a market of travellers looking to incorporate gourmet foods, local cuisine or perhaps wines or craft beers into their itinerary. But it’s not the food alone – it’s the experiences of the food, region and the activities linked to it all.

Are you a farm stay offering guests a chance to forage their own fresh organic veggies? Are you near or part of a local wine route – are you actively promoting your town/regions wines? Does your village have a community food garden, what’s the story behind it, can guests and visitors contribute to the project during their stay?

With food costs making up a fair portion of most holidays establishments offering, or with access to, foodie experiences, can help guests plan and make the most of their trip.

Here are our 5 Quick Tips for Hosting Foodies –

1) Showcase your restaurant clearly on your website, social media & other marketing platforms. Include a wine list where applicable and ensure you’re highlighting regional wines.

2) If you don’t have an onsite restaurant, have a list of local eateries available on your website or as part of your booking information. Make sure you’re recommending establishments you’ve visited so that you can answer any questions guests may have. Example: Is it child-friendly? Is there outside seating? When are they open? (Ensure your FOH and reception are also knowledgeable on local eateries)

3) Showcase local eateries & wineries on your social media so that guests get an idea of not only your establishment but what they can expect from the town/village/countryside nearby. This is also a great way to boost relations with other businesses and local tourism offices.

4) Don’t forget about local markets, home industries or Aunty Sue and her mouth-watering jam. Travelers often enjoy the stories behind the food experiences as much as the experiences themselves and appreciate suggestions from a trusted source like your establishment.

5) Are there any niche foodie establishments near you? Vegan? An award winning country deli, or perhaps an eatery that caters to guests looking for gluten-free fare? Stay on top of your area’s own foodie trends so that you’re offering the most up to date information to your guests.

Hot Marketing Tip: Does your neighbour offer a farm-to-fork lunch buffet? Why not put together a combo deal with them offering guests a complimentary lunch for stays of 2 nights or more. Partnerships with culinary destinations if you yourself don’t offer food can provide you with additional marketing opportunities and allows for cross-promotion with their audiences.

Leveraging surrounding food experiences and marketing them along with your own offerings can help to showcase your property within a broader context of dining, cuisine or experiences and may be the tipping point between a guest choosing you or a competitor for their getaway. Bon Appetit!



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