Reservation Systems Audit.

Is your reservations department working as efficiently and effectively as possible?

Your bottom line can be directly affected by the skill level of your reservationist and the efficiency of your internal systems within your reservation department or front desk.

For Boutique Properties where many times job roles are combined, frequent Reservation Management Audits can help to not only streamline processes, but asses potential bottlenecks or weak points where unachieved bookings could otherwise have been successfully converted.

Each of our audits are done by spending time with your team on the ground. The assessment will consist of discussions with your reservationist/reservations team, management, together with detailed testing of a sample of processes and transactions.

We will look at your current Pricing Strategy, Distribution Channels, OTA set ups, management of yield and revenue optimisation, Competitors Analysis and a review of your policies.

At the conclusion of our audit we will present you with a full report of our findings which will include recommendations.

This strategic reservation audit is an ongoing tool necessary to asses the efficiency of your reservations team and processes

The Audit


The way in which reservations are acquired, processed and followed up has changed over recent years, mostly due to the advance in technology, revenue management systems, OTA relationships and many other distribution channels growing on a monthly basis.

Our travellers also have more access to information than ever before and the fine skill of rate negotiation and yield management have become as tricky as ever.

Your reservations team needs to be able to negotiate a booking at the best available rate for both your property and the guest- as well as be able to communicate additional offerings, policies, restrictions with a thorough understanding of how they affect your bottom line.

Our onsite, practical training is conducted only after we have concluded an audit of your processes.

We cover the following :

  • Communication Skills
  • Drafting of professional email responses to encourage sales
  • Upselling
  • Managing of OTA and distribution channels
  • Streamlining processes
  • Negotiating of rates

Download our 10 Questions to help you ascertain the health of your Reservation Management.